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Augrabies Falls National Park


Author: Peter Derichs
ISBN: 9780620498838
Details: Softcover, 64 pages, A5, 2011
ISBN 13/Barcode: 9780620498838
This is a very detailed, easy to use, guide to the Augrabies Falls National

It has 7 pages of detailed maps including the Dassie Trail and the Main Falls

There are 64 colour photos covering 34 points of interest with a detailed
description such as GPS position, plant identification, geology and meaning of
place names.

A further 6 pages with 23 colour photos and interesting information on the 5km
interpretive Dassie Trail.

8 pages with 36 colour photos with interesting facts on some of the animals
and birds found in the Park.


Detailed information on the Augrabies Flat Lizard plus an index of names of animals and birds in English, Latin, Afrikaans and German.

To download a GPX file of all the waypoints with reference to the page numbers in the guide book, please click here.

Augrabies Flowers-Book-Cover-253-x-360                                                                              

Author: Peter Derichs and Nardus du Plessis
ISBN: 9780620540674
Details: Softcover,  88 pages, A5, 2012
ISBN 13/Barcode: 9780620540674

A new concept in helping visitors to identify plants in this very interesting arid Park.

53 full colour pages with close-up photos of the bark, flowers, fruit and leaves of the individual plants.

A further 23 photos of inconspicuous dwarf plants.

18 pages of detailed maps where the position of the various plants have been pinpointed by means of GPS co-ordinates. Visitors will thus be able to use their GPS to find individual plants in the Park.






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